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The story of this adorable magical-eyed owl seems straight out of the imagination of some children’s fairy tale writers. Or from a Disney movie. Instead, it is all true.
“One morning in Southern California, someone found an injured owl on the porch of their house. It was a blind Western Screech-owl, with extraordinary eyes reminiscent of a starry sky. After a visit to the vet, the owl was adopted by the Wildlife Learning Center in Symar, California.
They called him “Zeus” after the Greek god of sky and thunder, because of his amazing eyes.
Zeus was hurt when they found him on that porch in Southern California, but the group of animal lovers in the center treated him lovingly and gently helping him to make a full recovery. Since he was blind, they couldn’t just set him free, so since that day, he has lived on a log in the office of the center’s founder, Paul Hahn, right on his desk.
This is Zeus, a blind owl with eyes like starry skies, who now lives at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California.

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