BlueDream: Fluorescent and luminescent paint to create a starry sky

What is the Bluedream product?

BlueDream is an incredible mural application with a three-dimensional and realistic effect that depicts a night full of stars, this application is performed with several patented products of different luminescence that glow in the dark and are practically invisible during the day or when the lights are on. For more details go to the products page.

Can you describe what it will look like when the job is done?

In the dark, your ceiling will be a sky full of stars. You will feel like you are in the mountains or lying on the beach looking at the stars or looking for the constellation you have chosen. The effect is natural and you will have the sensation of a slight movement of the stars. You will be able to observe the more distant stars and the nearest ones comfortably lying on his bed.

Will the sky made be astronomically accurate?

BlueDream is almost planetary-like, the constellations are easily identifiable, while the other stars are random. Overall, the effect is extraordinary as it will seem like sleeping outdoors under a sky of stars.

What kind of ceilings can be decorated?

BlueDream can decorated any type of ceiling regardless of how it is structured (even in wood or insulated panel).

How does it technically work?

The technology used by BlueDream exposes the pigments contained within it to ambient light (the light available in a room). They absorb the light rays and store them as energy in order to release it gradually when it is dark. The luminescence will have an autonomy of 12-18 hours in the dark, after which it is necessary to illuminate the room again to allow the pigments to reabsorb the light.

Will the room need to be cleaned at the end of the job?

BlueDream does not use paint buckets, brushes or rollers to paint the ceiling. There is no need to scratch walls as for a normal painting of an environment. The products we use are transparent, water-based acrylics, they do not leave any unpleasant odors and do not dirty.

I have a chandelier in the center of the room, will it be seen after application?

There is no need to remove the chandelier. In the dark it will not obstruct the view of the stars. Even the ceiling fans are not an obstacle to the process of carrying out the work, as well as any other type of lighting present (spotlights, lamps, neon).

How long does it take to start seeing the effect?

The important thing is to give your eyes time to get used to the darkness. As the iris expands, more stars will be seen, being able to distinguish even the farthest and less bright ones. In any case, you need to have a few minutes of patience to get the maximum effect.

Do I need absolute darkness or can I have a light on in the corridor or small in the room?

The best effect is in total darkness. A simple blackout curtain is enough if there is a need to have a light on in the corridor. In any case, it is preferable to be in the dark to fully enjoy the effect.

How long will the glow of the stars last?

The effect will last until dawn. The morning light, as in reality, will not allow you to see the stars unless you create darkness again, the work is guaranteed for life.

How much does it cost?

The costs vary from the size of the room, from what you want to build and from the city where the room to be built is located. The minimum size is 10 square meters. In any case it is good to fill in the QUOTE form to get an answer in a short time.

I have seen fluorescent paints in some paint shops, in some malls, and in others online. What is the difference with those you use?

BlueDream uses exclusive products, made purely for this type of activity, they are ten times brighter and more durable than the paints you will find in some shopping centers and online that absolutely do not mention the duration of fluorescence or brightness. Ours are magical products in the true sense of the word.

Will I have to remove or cover all my furniture when you work?

Absolutely no. At the most, we ask you to move some chairs or armchairs that obstruct the passage of a staircase.

Can we be present in the room while you paint the ceiling ?

The method we use is secret, so no one will be able to enter the room.

For what reasons should I choose you and not someone else?

Unlike others, our products are transparent, so during the day the effect is practically invisible, they are natural products, unlike us, no one else will issue you a safety certificate with the characteristics of the products that are used. We do not take cash advances, the payment will be made only when the work is completed.