On this page you will find the comments sent by the people who have BlueDream at home.
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Massimo (Verona)
Nice work, my wife was very satisfied … now we will do some advertising and if I find other people who are interested in the job I will let you know … Thanks again. Hello

Lucia (Milan)
Hi Ciro, my daughter loved it. I simply raised the blinds, so the stars were recharged with the external light and I could see them very well… my sky is really beautiful !!! Thanks bye

Renato (Herculaneum NA).
Hi Ciro, we really liked the surprise, everything worked out perfectly … At midnight I accompanied her home, I blindfolded her and read her a letter … Then I turned off the lights and asked her to open her eyes … She burst into tears, she told me that I was crazy and that she hardly believed her eyes… However she was delighted, all wonderful !!!
friends and relatives have seen Bluedream and they want it too… In short, it was a general success… Thanks Greetings

Marco (Cerea VR)
Hi, thank you very much! besides being delighted myself, my wife showed it to everyone !! so 100% success !!! thank you very much and above all for your availability! best regards and thank you very much !!
Monica (Milan). Hi Ciro, he liked Bluedream very much and soon I will show it to everyone, yesterday I also gave my architect friend your brochure … the starry sky is really beautiful! I’d like you to paint the starry sky in my room too, with a constellation! Thanks Ciro, the work is special and my daughters fell asleep happy. Soon

Eduardo (Rome)
Hi Ciro, during the day you can see small white dots on the ceiling, but they are not unsightly at all. The most important thing is that at night the effect is wonderful. I showed your work to the workers who refurbished my house and gave them one of your flyers, so, since they were impressed, they can advertise for you. Goodbye and good luck with your work (editor’s note: the dots can be seen because the ceiling is blue …)

Carmen (Lugano)
Good morning Ciro, the surprise went GREAT !!! he is giving you a lot of publicity, he is telling everyone the surprise that I managed to achieve. Did your return trip go well? Thank you very much again and see you soon.
Silvano (Rome). My girlfriend was amazed, she loved it … I even put a speaker under the bed and as soon as the light was turned off, the music on your site started … she couldn’t believe her eyes! Hello and thanks again.
Marco (Baiano NA). The surprise for my girlfriend was perfect… she was truly amazed. Congratulations again.

Giorgio (Varese)
My girlfriend loved the starry sky and it also fascinated many of our acquaintances. If they are interested I will let you know. Looking forward to seeing us again in Varese or at your place…. I give you many greetings.

Pauline (Rome)
Hi, I’m Pauline. The surprise went very well, I too was amazed even though I already knew what to expect. I blindfolded Luca (my boyfriend) and turned off the light waiting a few seconds (to allow the eyes time to get used to the dark). When he opened his eyes he couldn’t believe it (I couldn’t see his expression but I knew from his voice that he was stunned!). We spent half the night looking at the stars and recognizing the constellations! Luca loved it, he did not expect it at all and found it truly original, certainly the best gift he has ever received. Yesterday some friends and relatives came to our house, and they too were amazed and enjoyed it very much. In short, I am delighted to have chosen this gift, I could not have found anything more original and wonderful. Thank you very much and I wish you a happy new year 2009 !!! Sincerely

Giusi (S. Benedetto del Tronto)
When I entered the room and you turned off the light I could not believe my eyes, the perception of depth that I felt looking at the ceiling made me breathless ….congratulations again !!! I wanted to sleep every night under a starry sky, for me it’s like a dream came true !!!! Thanks again. AAAAAAAA
Carmen and Fabio (Reggio Emilia) Since you made Bluedream on the ceiling of our children’s bedroom, they fall asleep more peacefully. Luca loves counting the stars while Caterina is no longer afraid of the dark and everyone who comes to our house is enthusiastic about your work of art .. Thanks again.

Goiuè (Genoa)
Hi guys, I have never seen anything like this in my life, it is truly a unique product, it seems to be really under a blanket of stars, fantastic and realistic, you have made my room unique, anyone who sees it is amazed…. Congratulations still

Christian and Aphrodite (Cosenza)
We wanted to install the optical fibers but it will have cost us a fortune, so we opted for Bluedream. Thank you again for the emotion you make us feel every time we turn off the light in our room, it seems that the ceiling is transformed into a glass window … with the constellation of the bear minor and the polar star, not to mention the fantastic milky way … congratulations again for your job.

Vincenzo (Torre del Greco NA)
Hi Ciro, you know I was very skeptical about it and I wanted to see it first in person. when I saw the painting I did not believe what I was seeing: the paint was completely invisible.At a modest price now I have an enviable decorated ceiling … really a show every night I go to sleep, thanks!

Leonardo (Avellino)
I imagined that Bluedream was beautiful, but seeing it live is something truly exceptional, thank you because you gave me the opportunity to surprise my girlfriend: she was literally astonished, we have been together for more than a year and it is the first time that I have seen her cry, I greet you and wish you “good luck” for your wonderful work.

Caterina (Salerno)
Successful surprise !!! I would have liked to show you my husband’s face! “what the hell had happened” these are his exact words, I could not help but laugh in his face, then I explained everything … He even told me that since we have been together this was the first time I was able to really surprise him 🙁 In any case, with the excuse of a Valentine’s Day gift, I was able to give myself the starry sky that I had wanted for a long time! !!!!! Ciao and thanks again

Edo (Varese)
Hi Ciro, I was amazed… thanks for everything !! I did not imagine it was like this, I was delighted! Sometimes you have to try things to believe them. Whoever showed them was amazed.

Federica (Rome)
Hello!! it went very well! My boyfriend was delighted and he didn’t expect it at all !!! his parents appreciated it too !! thanks again

Ester and Walter (Turin)
I have to thank you above all for the kindness and “patience” you have had toward our little Luca. We were amazed by the effect of your magical product, Luca who never wanted to go to bed before now calls me to remind him to put on the pajamas, he wants to see the “STALS” as he calls them, while Miriam has already shown proudly to all her little friends what her parents were able to give her, in short, a gift that for the first time made children and parents agree, so we wish you much luck for your fantastic job.

Claudio (Padua)
Hi Ciro, I’ll tell you how the surprise went: after having dinner, my wife naturally expected a gift for our anniversary, but I pretended nothing happened, I could see in her eyes an evident nervousness, we saw some television and after about an hour we went to bed, without saying a word in a faint voice she said “goodnight” and turned off the light, at this point, I didn’t know whether to tell her or not ….I thought: if she turns to one side and does not look at the ceiling, what do I do ??? But after about 10 minutes of silence she approaches me in the dark, hugs me, and whispers to me in a very excited voice: “Thank you, it’s wonderful …. you are unique !!!” and then …… .we celebrated the anniversary 😉 greetings and FORZA JUVE

Barbara (Bergamo)
What about guys … it’s GORGEOUS !! Despite many inconveniences, the surprise was successful, the effect was truly amazing and it’s all thanks to Ciro !! So THANK YOU SO MUCH REALLY, it was a beautiful gift that made my friend very happy! I think that as soon as I can I will do it at my house 🙂

Katia (Florence)
Hi guys, I tell you something that probably will not please you: I was very skeptical to call you, I thought: the company is from Naples, he will close himself in the room, and he even say that he makes a starry sky appear out of nowhere. What if they dirty my room? I thought that all the comments on the site were written by you to intrigue people, so I didn’t call you. After that I talked to Luca, my boyfriend, who confirmed that I had done well to desist, he told me that there are a lot of scams on the internet and then I had no guarantee that the work was done well as it was described on the site and then anyway the cost was not so accessible, at least for my meager wallet. The night of my birthday (3 days ago) I turn off the light in my room and while I’m about to fall asleep it almost takes a hit… I couldn’t believe my eyes !!! Guess what appeared on the ceiling of my room ??? Your stars, first about twenty, then slowly increased … 40 … 100 … .200 … 500.. stars everywhere I looked! …. Incredible, I was also able to glimpse the Milky Way, an inexplicable and so involving effect that in words I can’t describe the emotion and the state of disbelief I felt at that moment. Luca, always him, once again managed to amaze me with his crazy gifts…. all this for me, for the simple fact of seeing myself happy, has made my dream come true: to sleep every night under a starry sky. I am sending you this testimony because I want anyone who reads it to understand that the site you have does not at all render the beauty and spectacularity of Bluedream. A strong hug

Angelo (Marigliano NA)
Thank you very much I made a great impression, it was a nice surprise thanks again XD
Patrizia and Franco (Offanengo CR) We are fascinated by the starry sky for the unfathomable and inviolable mysteries that it contains. , it speaks to us of the infinite, it gives us the vertigo of the abyss. Like nothing else it grasps the contemplative spirit of man and calls him, being the truth, being the infinite, being eternity, being everything. Well, now I have this incomparable show at my house thanks to Ciro. I can say that we are doubly happy with this work, for the result and for having met a really kind and nice person… thank you!

Giuseppe (Sarno SA)
Hi Ciro, the surprise was a success, my girlfriend was very impressed! It only takes 5 minutes, the time to get your eyes used to the dark, and in front of you, a fantastic show appears that you will be never tired of watching !! You really get the impression that the ceiling is no longer there! I am trying to advertise for you to introduce this original product to my friends and relatives because it can be an idea for a surprise. I give you big hug, see you soon!

Irene (Capri)
What can I say: simply fantastic !!!!!
Elisabetta (S. Lazzaro di Savena BO) Very beautiful! I got very excited as soon as I turned off the lights, I saw the sky above me! Thanks, Ciro for the wonderful opportunity you gave me! I think it will not be the only starry sky I will have at home !!! KISS KISS! W NAPLES!

Nicolò (Torre del Greco NA)
Arianna (Vittuone MI)An amazing effect! The celestial vault above your head … the stars, the delicately blurred Milky Way that accompanies you in your sleep, is like having the planetarium in your room, an authentic spectacle to be enjoyed in the moments before sleep, in maximum relaxation. I am very satisfied to have give it to my 4-year-old child, now when he looks at the sky on clear evenings, where you can see the stars well, he says to me “Mom, look, like in my room !!” Thanks, Ciro, for a great job I recommend it to those who want something really special!

Andrea (Castellammare di Stabia NA)
The sensational effect, friendly and helpful people, Highly recommended!
Barbara (Rome)Last night it was raining heavily: I locked myself in my room, I closed the windows, I put on Caribbean music and I relaxed under my magnificent starry sky, I swear that I feel privileged …… what more do you want from life? ???

Daniele (Schio Vi)
It was really succesfully a gift. What can I say, is not something that you can appreciate without having seen it in real life.I also had the normal initial fears of a product like this. My advice is to try it so that fears vanish once you see the final result: the effect is surprising and very, very romantic. A special thanks to Ciro who is an honest and very helpful person.

Davide (Rome)
When you have deep feelings for a person, they say I LOVE YOU to convey the idea of ​​their affection. To thank Bluedream for its work, a word has not yet been born to make the most of the sense of gratitude and joy that it gives every time it creates a masterpiece that will leave you breathless. Gino Paoli sang about a sky in a room… Bluedream created a universe in it. Thank you from the bottom of your heart, you have given my girlfriend and me the serenity of the night, and the beauty of infinity. There will be no evening that our thoughts will not be turned to you for the immense gift you have given us …