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This email arrived to me yesterday: “Hi, I tried to apply a fluorescent paint, purchased in a well-known shopping center, but I realized that the effect of the luminescence lasted for about a quarter of an hour then it slowly disappered, until it is no longer visible. So, I would like to know: how long do the products you use last? ”
BlueDream uses exclusive luminescent and fluorescent products, made purely for this type of activity. They are ten times brighter and longer lasting than the paints you could find in some retail stores, malls, and online that do not mention fluorescence duration or brightness. We use “magic” fluorescent paints, in the true sense of the word: when it is dark, you will have an extraordinary three-dimensional effect due to the different luminescence of the products we use and the skill of our artists who will create the starry sky according to the height of your room. With BlueDream you will see stars of different sizes, luminescence, shooting stars, constellations, and the Milky Way, a truly extraordinary effect: you will feel like you are sleeping outdoors.

The peculiarity of our luminescent paints is that they have a color similar to the white of the stars (not yellowish or greenish like most of the fluorescent paints that are on the market). They have different intensities of luminescence, so the effect will be much more engaging.
We have been painting starry skies for more than 15 years so we have specialized and perfected ourselves and have become the leading company in the sector.

Anyone who has a little patience and delights in drawing can draw a starry sky in their room, however it will hardly be as beautiful and realistic as the BlueDream starry sky: our luminescent products are monochromatic, absolutely non toxic, and have seven luminescence intensities, this is the only way to create a depth of field that would be impossible to reproduce with a single product passed by a painter’s roller, the “stars” are made by hand with a secret technique depending on the height and size of the room so each room will be different from the other and in absolute darkness you will feel like you are outdoors. The final effect will be so realistic as to make you breathless, to such an extent we advise you to read pur costumers’ reviews on this page: TESTIMONIALS.
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