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Recent research by Prof. Roger Ulrich, founder of the first interdisciplinary center between medicine and architecture at the University of Texas, quantified the health benefits of patients after viewing images of nature, such as sleeping under a starry sky.
Patients sleeping under a starry sky in their rooms recovered quicker than those sleeping under a usual ceiling.
In a research study, Ulrich outlined numerous strategies to improve the health experience for patients and medical staff.
In a recent interview, he says: “… Researchers have consistently reported that the benefits such as stress reduction and insomnia treatment, to the simple vision of a starry night sky on the ceilings of their patients’ rooms, have manifested themselves as gods. Incredibly positive emotional and physiological changes. ”
Dr. Roger Ulrich argues that when immersed in a cold, functional, and frightening environment such as a hospital, the mind looks for a way out toward normality. In the end, after collecting such a quantity of data, it was able to affirm with certaintythat patients who slept at night under a starry sky returned to health faster than all the others.
The starry sky is one of the greatest natural experiences that man can ever witness, but currently in most industrialized countries admiring a starry sky has become a utopia given the light pollution of the cities… luckily there is BlueDream!

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