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Today a customer called me asking me the difference between the starry sky and the GLITTERS and the BlueDream starry sky, so I replied: “Astarry sky with glitter? Never heard!” immediately after the phone call, I swooped on google and documented myself.

For God’s sake, I’d like to buy a Ferrari too, but unfortunately, I can only afford a Renault, that’s the difference between glitter and BlueDream: Ferrari compared to Renault.

To create a starry sky that looks realistic you need to take into account some important factors:
the height of the room.
the difference in magnitude of the various stars that can only be created with more products, that have at least 5 different intensities of luminescence.
the difference in the size of the stars to create visual depth.
the color of the stars.

With BlueDream we can create a personalized starry sky without the need to cover furniture and beds, constellations in their exact astronomical position, shooting stars, and the fantastic Milky Way, not to mention drawings, and phrases written with the stars and nebulae, with BlueDream you will always pay later. the realization of the work: satisfied or reimbursed.

With glitter it will never be possible to create a realistic and three-dimensional effect, it will not be possible to create a room of 20 square meters. In about 2 hours without covering the furniture, it will not be possible to create the Milky Way, constellations, or shooting stars, it will not be possible to create drawings, writings, or nebulae, with glitter you can never have a three-dimensional and realistic starry sky with a different size of the stars.

The first is an image of a room with a starry sky with glitter, the second is a room with a starry sky BlueDream … judge for yourself!

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