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There are some essential factors to consider when choosing the color for the walls when you have to paint the walls of your new home, and the first is the furniture: will you choose the classic or the modern? The ethnic or the minimalist? Once your ideas are clear enough the second step is to consider the brightness and size of your home, here are some examples of how to evaluate wall colors:
– sun exposure of the house: dark shades should be avoided if your house is not very bright (basement, north exposure, etc.) because they would make it even darker; otherwise it is true for sun-kissed homes, in which, for opposite reason, even strong colors can be dared.
– the type of furniture: if white furniture or, in any case in a neutral color, lends itself to any combination, furniture, or upholstery that is already in itself particularly whimsical and colorful requires a sober and little characterized wall.
– dimension of the rooms: light colors make the room seem larger, and dark ones make it appear smaller. Therefore, for small rooms in the house, choose soft colors, reserving, if necessary, dark ones for larger rooms.
the type of room you want to paint: an unusual color with character in the long run risks getting tired. The advice is to use it for rooms in the house where you do not stay continuously, such as a study, or to create a living room with a great visual impact.

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