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BlueDream is an ideal product for:

Bedroom, Children's room, Office, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Resort, Clubs and Discos, Farmhouse, SPA and Wellness Centers... and everywhere there is a ceiling to be transformed. The choice of the different themes to be created is up to you:

Make the children's room unique

The children’s room can be customized with any fantasy characters of your choice.


It is possible to create a canvas and arrange it like a painting or behind the bed. The measures are 60 cm × 70 cm (23,62 inch. x 27,5 inch.) and 60 cm × 90 cm (23,62 inch. x 35,4 inch.) but you can also choose the measures you prefer.

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“It is useless to explain that at first you may be perplexed in being able to think that the magician of the sky or Mr. Ciro can turn the ceiling of your home into a starry sky ... Well believe me, I've never seen anything like this !!!! A spectacular three-dimensional sky full of stars !!! I gave it to my boyfriend Luca ... I wanted to give him a unique gift that reflected what he is to me, that is "my sky" ... In short, to surprise him, I blindfolded him and inserted headphones with a song in his ears by Tiziano ferro ... I made him sit on the bed and then I removed the blindfold and ... He could no longer stop laughing and stammering so he was amazed by what his eyes were seeing at that moment !!!!! He didn't believe his eyes !!!! Believe me a sky like this is fabulous and I recommend it to everyone especially those who love to dream !!! Thank you again!”


“The surprise went very well: when my wife saw your starry sky she was amazed and started laughing heartily at the surprise I had organized for her. She stayed two hours with a smile and kept wondering how we could have created such a wonderful work of art (it was defined by my parents when they saw it) in just 2 hours of her absence from home. . All the friends I showed your sky to were thrilled and enthusiastic about the idea and the realization and I believe that some of them will contact you in order to have this beautiful ceiling too. My wife also very much enjoyed her "his of hers" constellation and every night it is a great pleasure to fall asleep under the stars! Thanks for everything. Soon.”


“My girlfriend loved the skylight, she didn't notice anything until I turned off the lamp on the dresser and told her to look up. Unfortunately I couldn't immediately see her expression in her darkness but from her words she said (“Oh my God!”) I think she loved it! All the friends are jealous and the boyfriends hate me, so I think some of them will make themselves heard and when someone asks me for advice on a gift I will not fail to recommend BlueDream. Thanks again”


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