BlueDream products are designed to create a starry ceiling in any environment.

Incredibly realistic, BlueDream is not a simple starry sky produced by an unsightly projector or a very expensive fiber optic or LED starry sky. With BlueDream you will be able to search and find constellations, shooting stars or the fantastic Milky Way every night before bed!

Imagine after a long day at work, you come home and lie down in your bed tired and stressed, and a million thoughts keep you from falling asleep quickly, then, you look up… you will be amazed by the stars above you!

BlueDream lavora senza la necessità di dover spostare nulla, senza coprire mobili e senza sporcare.

Sleeping under the sky, here's now...

Your bedroom ceiling will have miraculously “disappeared!” it will be just like a glass ceiling; you will have the fantastic illusion of looking up, very high; the most amazing starry sky you have ever seen will appear above your eyes! It will be a unique sight, above your eyes thousands of twinkling stars, constellations, shooting stars and even the wonderful Milky Way.

BlueDream is an Italian exclusive. It relies on the experience of those who, for years, have combined professionalism and competence with creativity, necessary to give the emotions of a true starry sky.

We only use odorless and non-toxic products that can be used in all rooms, ensuring maximum safety.

BlueDream is the ideal “refuge” for anyone who wants to relax and relieve stress and fatigue. It is ascertained by many studies that under a starry sky the alpha brain waves increase, the metabolic rate decreases, the heart beats slower and consequently the breathing also slows down, the muscles relax and the blood pressure decreases, therefore the cosmic environment of BlueDream can definitely improve people’s health and well-being.

You will not have to worry that BlueDream will light up the room, you will still be able to relax without our starry sky bothering you.

It's ideal for relaxing and relieving stress and fatigue

During the day it is invisible, while in the dark it shines, guaranteeing an extraordinary real effect, guaranteed for life.

Just turn off the light and something exceptional will appear as if by magic.

BlueDream helps those who have difficulty falling asleep.

The BlueDream starry sky also helps meditation, reflection, and the conception of profound ideas, it also creates the perfect environment for conversation and promotes intimacy.

BlueDream helps those who have difficulty falling asleep or are afraid of falling asleep in the dark, such as children. in fact it makes the perfect night light (without illuminating the room) and is therefore great as a gift for children or lovers. (exceptional as a surprise effect).

Research by Prof. Roger Ulrich quantified the health benefits of viewing nature. Patients with images of nature in their rooms recover faster than those without images. In a large research study, Ulrich and colleagues outline numerous strategies to improve the health care experience for patients and staff. “… Researchers have consistently reported that the benefits of stress reduction and rapid healing are related to sky gazing.”

“Last night it was pouring with rain: I locked myself in my room, closed the windows, played Caribbean music and relaxed under my magnificent starry sky, I swear that I feel privileged ... what more do you want from life?”


“The work was done perfectly, realistic and amazing effect! I took a UV lamp to enhance the effect of the paint and I must say that it is an added value. I'm sorry not to be able to testify with photographs. In any case, I would do the work done another 1000 times.”


“I was amazed… thanks for everything… the night is now much more beautiful !! I did not imagine it was like this, I was delighted! Sometimes you have to try things to believe them, whoever showed them was amazed.”