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A starry sky always keeps the memory of a special moment.
How nice to relive it simply by turning off the light and sleeping under the stars.

When you feel alone, when you feel abandoned, when you feel cast aside, when you think no one remembers you, look out the window, raise your eyes and look at the starry sky. How many lights can you see? How many do you imagine in the narrow space of your limited horizon?

Just think… what you see has an infinite depth, the lights you distinguish are nothing, drops of water in the ocean of the deep and boundless sky.
Think … every star moves according to a law established for it since the dawn of time, the planets revolve around it, the satellites around the planets, each with a millimeter precision, according to a time that has been given to every smallest being like hers measure.
Multiply those lights, multiply those movements, multiply your little picture of the sky to infinity, and … you are infinitely distant from the truth.
Just think … behind each of those lights, behind every imperceptible movement, behind every reality perceived by a man with his imperfect instruments, there is someone who created that reality, that movement, the law that regulates it. So much perfection, for what?
Look at you now … look at your eyes capable of understanding and embracing what is so much greater than them, look at your heart, that heart that now feels wounded and thinks …
Your heart has within itself an infinite anxiety for love, an infinite desire for the absolute, for God … it has an infinite anxiety for the infinite. Yet the heart, however big is small compared to the body that contains it! Yet the heart suffers more than any other organ, more than any other part of the body!
Think … small things capable of big things! The eyes, the heart capable of accepting the greatest pain, but also the greatest manifestation of love, that of God!
“Who is the man so that you care, who is the man so that you remember him? Yet you did little less than the angels, you crowned him with glory and honor. You put everything at his feet ”.
So says a psalm.
In front of that starry sky, there is you, in front of the greatest wonder of creation there is you, small, fragile, bewildered, troubled, but you are there.
You are precious more than the brightest star that you can see with the naked eye from your window, you are precious because God made everything in front of you for you, so that you could perceive a fragment of his power, of his greatness, a fragment of his love.
If to every star, to every planet, to every molecule, to every atom that is inert and lifeless he has given the great task of celebrating his glory, how much greater is the project on you, on the man who rises over all created things and dominates them with his thought!
Look away, look up; look inside yourself now.
You will discover that the universe that seems so unattainable, so perfect and mysterious, is within you before your eyes. It is a universe to explore, it is a universe in which you will find the answers you are looking for, it is the universe of emotions and feelings that enrich and illuminate the boundless sky of your soul.
Look, but with your eyes closed: And you will see many bright stars light up inside you. You will see that in the deepest darkness, just like in that sky from which you have now averted your gaze, beautiful flowers appear, which you did not realize you had planted.
Brother, in your heart God has sown what he wants you to learn to look at: he wants you to rediscover in your heart the love with which he looks at you, he wants you to trust him at least once.
He is eager to show you the wonderful project that he has in store for you, he wants you to let him in at least once to make himself known more closely.
He wants to meet you not in the infinite sky, but in your pain, in your suffering, in your everyday difficulty, in your need for unfulfilled love, to transform them into a song of joy, in a hymn of praise to him, who has not even stopped. a moment to take care of you.

di  by Antonietta Milella, Meditation on Psalm 8

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