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How long have you not sent a letter, a real handwritten letter, to someone?
With this envelope, we could go back to writing love letters.

No, we are not talking about emails, we all write those multiple times a day, and we have a spam bin full of digital garbage that we are no longer emptying.
We are talking about real letters, with your handwriting on them and your signature. One of those can contain a photo, a splash of perfume, or a dry flower from time to time. Those romantic like few other things in the world.
From Japan comes a novelty that could make you go back to writing letters of love and friendship, those that tear your heart out. Just send them in this envelope that contains a starry night inside.

Just open it, fold it to look inside, and point it towards a source of light, to be able to see many bright dots that look like constellations in the night sky.

The Japan Trend Shop created it and it costs quite a bit, we are talking about $ 83 for 5 pieces, or a discount for $ 10 each in the Kaminokousakujo store.
Do you say they cost too much? And how much would you spend to hold the sky in your hand, or on the ceiling of your bedroom?
source: dailybest

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