BlueDream Canvas

The possibility of having a portion of the starry sky wherever you want.

The BlueDream canvas is a classic wood-framed painter’s canvas measuring 50 x 70 cm. hand painted by the artist BlueDream.
During the day or with the lights on you will only see the white canvas, but in absolute darkness the extraordinary effect of the BlueDream starry sky will appear, which will be customized with the constellation to your liking.

“BlueDream canvas” will be like having a window through which you can admire a fantastic starry sky with a three-dimensional effect that will leave you breathless, a unique emotion that will last forever.

Finally, you too can have a small slice of sky in your room, an extraordinary effect that will last until morning.

A very special gift

“BlueDream canvas” unlike the starry sky that is made at home, you can move it to any room and enjoy this wonderful effect wherever you sleep.

The cost is 80.00 euros and includes shipping costs. The express courier will deliver your starry sky in a couple of working days.

To order contact us by email:

Shipments to the islands and Calabria have a cost of 10.00 euros more.